The Icons represent processes that have unique and important advantages for your car. Please see the Icon Guide below for more information.
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Bath Club

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Wax & Shine Club

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Super Shield Club

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What You Get With Each Pass

How Suds Pass Works

With a monthly Suds Pass, you will receive a windshield sticker with a radio frequency identification bar code. When it’s time to wash, as you approach the Suds pay-stations, your bar code will automatically scan, the gate arm will rise, and you’ll be on your way to the Suds tunnel and a super-clean car.
Suds will automatically charge your credit card one time per month. For the low monthly price, the Suds pay-stations will enable you to wash up to once per day, all month long.
It’s quick, easy, effective and the best value per-wash value we offer. And with two Macon locations ready to serve you, your clean car solution is right around the corner.

Icon Guide

Shine ’em up, with a consistent, even application

High ph Dirt Buster detergent, plus tire brush and tire shine

High ph Dirt Buster detergent, Low ph Grime Buster, plus tire brush and tire shine

Clean, Condition, Shine

An added layer of protection beading water for up to two weeks

Pre Soak Detergent for Step 1 in Suds Shield

High volume rinse before your final shield treatment

Wax On….the Suds Shield Way

Bust the bugs before the wash

Foam, Shine, Rinse, Seal

High alkaline dirt buster

Low ph grime buster

Bead the water, then blow it off

 High alkaline detergent to target organic material

Low alkaline detergent to target minerals and oils on your rig